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Just Visiting - Written 1/1/2021  



Book Underway!


Turtles & Bears:  How Couples Can Be CompassionateTogether (not a typo wink)

Turtles & Bears is a book written for adults who want to be happier in life and more loving in their intimate relationships.  The book addresses why we choose particular partners and why it is so difficult to connect.  This book is also a resource for marriage and family professionals and those consulted regarding marriage and divorce. 

With humor, vulnerability, and compassion, Turtles & Bears reveals

  • the 2 adaptive styles of the Turtle and Bear,
  • the shame-feeding cycle regarding worth and significance,
  • how to break the cycle by "engaging in the struggle,"
  • how to experience personal freedom, and
  • how to become more Fully Human.

With this information, couples can better connect, communicate, and grow together rather than apart.

With this information, humans can find compassion in the midst of difference.

UPDATE (12/25/2020):  This project is on hold to allow for writing and recording of my latest inspirations.  See Medium for latest writings.